A Picture Postcard History of Wilbraham

Hearse House, believed to be one of two remaining hearse houses in New England. Moved to the Old Meeting House property over 100 years ago. Proceeds from sale of cards to be used for restoration of the building.

Rich Hall, Wilbraham Academy, 1861. Left to right. boarding house and the principal's house. William M. Merrick, delineator.

Main Street, soon after 1870, Wilbraham, MA, looking North from Mountain Road. Left to right: boarding house and faculty residences on east (right) side of Main Street, third Methodist Church, Old Academy and Binny Hall; in the foreground, the second Methodist Meetinghouse then used as a Wilbraham Academy building. Milton Bradley, lithographers.

Main Street, in 1885, Wilbraham, MA, looking south from Springfield Street. Drawing by Susan Bosch.

Covered bridge, over the Chicopee River, North Wilbraham, MA. Built in 1767, destroyed in the 1938 hurricane. Drawing by Clifford Vincent, Jr..

Wilbraham Public Library, Boston Road. on the present fire station property. Built in 1875, demolished during the 1960s. Original pencil by Wilbraham resident, Carl B. Sundberg.

The Deacon Noah Warriner Stone, 1797, in Adams' Cemetery, Wilbraham MA. Rubbing by Melvin G. Williams.

Postcards (package of 8 for $3.00) and
Hearse House Stationary ($5.00 per package)
can be obtained from The Atheneum Society of Wilbraham,
Old Meeting House, 450 Main Street, Wilbraham, MA 01095.

Checks should be made out to the Old Meeting House.
If requested via mail, allow three weeks for delivery.
Tax included; packing and shipping extra.

For more information, call Morrie Hayn at (413) 596-4795.

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